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Due to copyright restrictions, I cannot upload full copies of most of my published papers to this website. However, all of my papers are archived at and most are archived at Researchgate. Links to publishers’ websites are provided below. You can also email me at (*replace _at_ with @) if you want me to send you a copy directly.

Refereed journal articles

Birk, Jago; Reetz, Kristina; Sirocko, Frank; Wright, David K.; Fiedler, Sabine (2021) Faecal biomarkers as tools to reconstruct land-use history in maar sediments in the Westeifel Volcanic Field (Germany). Boreas

Thompson, Jessica C.; Wright, David K.; Ivory, Sarah J.; Choi, Jeong-Heon; Nightingale, Sheila; Mackay, Alex; Schilt, Flora; Otarola-Castillo, Erik; Mercader, Julio; Forman, Steven L.; Pietsch, Timothy; Cohen, Andrew S.; Arrowsmith, J. Ramón; Welling, Menno; Davis, Jacob; Schiery, Benjamin; Kaliba, Potiphar; Malijani, Oris; Blome, Margaret W.; O’Driscoll, Corey; Mentzer, Susan M.; Miller, Christopher; Heo, Seoyoung; Choi, Jungyu; Tembo, Joseph; Mapemba, Frederick; Simengwa, Davie; Gomani-Chindebvu, Elizabeth (2021) Chronology of early human impacts and ecosystem reorganisation in central Africa. Science Advances 7(19):eabf9776. (Open access)

Thompson, Jessica C.; Wright, David K.; Ivory, Sarah J. (2021) The emergence and intensification of early hunter-gatherer niche construction. Evolutionary Anthropology 30(1):17-27.

Choi, Jungyu; Wright, David K.; Lima, Helena Pinto (2020) A new local scale prediction model of Amazonian landscape domestication sites. Journal of Archaeological Science 123:105240.

Wright, David K.; Kim, Junkyu; Park, Jiyoung; Yang, Jiwon; Kim, Jangsuk (2020) Spatial modeling of archaeological site locations based on summed probability distributions and hot-spot analyses: A case study from the Three Kingdoms Period, Korea. Journal of Archaeological Science 113:105036.

Nightingale, Sheila; Schilt, Flora; Thompson, Jessica C.; Wright, David K.; Forman, Steven L.; Mercader, Julio; Moss, Patrick; Clarke, Siobhan; Itambu, Makarius; Gomani-Chindebvu, Elizabeth;Welling, Menno (2019) Late Middle Stone Age behavior and environments at Chaminade I (Karonga, Malawi). Journal of Paleolithic Archaeology 2(3):258-297.

Wright, David K.; MacEachern, Scott; Ambrose, Stanley H.; Choi, Jungyu; Choi, Jeong-Heon; Lang, Carol; Wang, Hong (2019) Iron Age landscape changes in the Benoué River Valley, Cameroon. Quaternary Research 92(2):323-339.

Wright, David K. (2019) Long-term dynamics of pastoral ecology in northern Kenya: An old model for new resilience. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 55:101068.

Stephens, Lucas; Fuller, Dorian; Boivin, Nicole;…ARCHAEOGLOBE Project members 109th out of 120 authors arranged alphabetically…; Ellis, Erle (2019) Archaeological assessment reveals Earth’s early transformation through land use. Science 365:897-902.

Kim, Jangsuk; ­Wright, David K.; Hwang, Jaehoon; Kim, Junkyu; Oh, Yongje (2019) The old wood effect revisited: A comparison of radiocarbon dates of wood charcoal and short-lived taxa from Korea. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 11(7):3435-3448.

Marchant, Rob; Richer, Suzi; Boles, Oliver; Capitani, Claudia; Courtney-Mustaphi, Colin J.; Lane, Paul; Prendergast, Mary E.; Stump, Daryl; De Cort, Gijs; Kaplan, Jed O.; Phelps, Leanne; Kay, Andrea; Olago, Dan; Petek, Nik; Platts, Philip J.; Punwong, Paramita; Widgren, Mats; Wynne-Jones, Stephanie; Ferro-Vázquez, Cruz; Benard, Jacquiline; Boivin, Nicole; Crowther, Alison; Cuní-Sanchez, Aida; Deere, Nicolas J.; Ekblom, Anneli; Farmer, Jennifer; Finch, Jemma; Fuller, Dorian; Gaillard-Lemdahl, Marie-José; Gillson, Lindsey; Githumbi, Esther; Kabora, Tabitha; Kariuki, Rebecca; Kinyanjui, Rahab; Kyazike, Elizabeth; Lang, Carol; Lejju, Julius; Morrison, Kathleen D.; Muiruri, Veronica; Mumbi, Cassian; Muthoni, Rebecca; Muzuka, Alfred; Ndiema, Emmanuel; Kabonyi Nzabandora, Chantal; Onjala, Isaya; Schrijver, Annemiek Pas; Rucina, Stephen; Shoemaker, Anna; Thornton-Barnett, Senna; van der Plas, Geert; Watson, Elizabeth E.; Williamson, David; Wright, David K. (2018) Drivers and trajectories of land cover change in East Africa: Human and environmental interactions from 6000 years ago to present. Earth-Science Reviews 178:322-378.

Thompson, Jessica C.; Mackay, Alex; Nightingale, Sheila; Wright, David K.; Choi, Jeong-Heon; Welling, Menno; Blackmore, Hari; Gomani-Chindebvu, Elizabeth (2018) Ecological risk, demography, and technological complexity in the Late Pleistocene of northern Malawi: Implications for geographical patterning in the Middle Stone Age. Journal of Quaternary Science 33(3):261-284.

Park, Jiyoung; Wright, David K.; Kim, Jangsuk (2017) Change in settlement distribution and the emergence of an early state: A spatial analysis of radiocarbon dates from southwestern Korea. Radiocarbon 59(6):1779-1791.

Wright, David K.; MacEachern, Scott; Choi, Jungyu; Choi, Jeong-Heon; Lang, Carol; Djoussou, Jean-Marie Datouang (2017) Iron Age landscapes of the Benue River Valley, Cameroon. Journal of Field Archaeology 42(5):394-407.

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Kim, Jangsuk; Wright, David K.; Lee, Youngseon; Lee, Jaeyong; Choi, Seonho; Kim, Junkyu; Ahn, Sung-Mo; Choi, Jongtaik; Seong, Chuntaek; Hwang, Jaehoon; Yang, Hyemin; Yang, Jiwon (2016) AMS dates from two archaeological sites of Korea: Blind tests. Radiocarbon 58(1):1-16.

Wright, David K.; Forman, Steven L.; Kiura, Purity; Bloszies, Christopher; Beyin, Ammanuel (2015) Lakeside view: Socio-cultural responses to changing water levels of Lake Turkana, Kenya. African Archaeological Review (Special issue: New Environmental Research and Techniques in Africa; Roderick McIntosh, Jean Maley, and Robert Vernet, [Eds.]) 32(2):335-367. (Open access)

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Wright, David K.; Darling, J. Andrew; Lewis, Barnaby V.; Fertelmes, Craig M.; Loendorf, Chris; Williams, Leroy; Woodson, M. Kyle (2013) The anthropology of dust: Community responses to wind-blown sediments within the Middle Gila River Valley, Arizona. Human Ecology 41(3): 423-435.

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Book chapters

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Other Publications: 

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